Fresh Paint Art Advisors

Fresh Paint Art Advisors™
5835 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232 | t: 323.931.5835 | f: 323.931.5839
Open: Monday - Thursday 9:00am - 6:00pm and Friday by appointment

  • Grand Hyatt San Francisco
  • Dalian Province, China. Amber Bay Villas
  • Malaysia, Grand Hyatt Singapore
  • Trousdale Estates, Private Residence, California
  • FPAA is a full service firm offering art consulting for projects from their initial concept to on-site installation.
  • Curating a multitude of work available to bring together the most cohesive collection from our extensive in house inventory and art resources.
  • Maintaining working relationships with artists and galleries to provide endless possibilities.
  • Outstanding limited editions prints at competitive prices for room and suite art placement.
  • Site specific installations commissioned to produce unique results for both small and monumental spaces.
  • Managing all packing, shipping and on site installation.
  • Invaluable resource for other dealers and design professionals.
  • Service-oriented team of professionals.

We work with design professionals from initial concepts to on-site placement. Our Fresh Paint Art Advisors review each project to establish the aesthetic direction, scope, timeline and budget. Once the overall intent is established, options for each placement are presented.

Your personal art advisor generates line budgets for each project and detailed art and framing specifications to include packing and shipping. All associated documentation is generated to provide streamlined communication for all parties involved.

Culver City Arts District